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About The Author

About The Author Kathleen Tellish

Kathleen Nelson Tellish is a highly qualified healthcare professional with a background in nursing and an MBA in Healthcare Administration. She was raised in the Tri-State area spanning Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia and currently resides in Myrtle Beach, SC, with her husband, Gary. Kathleen is a former dog owner and credits her beloved Newfoundlands, Katie, and Kohl, for inspiring her My Heart Series.

As a mother of four and grandmother of six beautiful granddaughters, Kathleen draws inspiration from her family, who have devoted themselves to serving the community through military, emergency, acute, and post-acute healthcare services. Her stories are a reflection of her 44 years of experience in post-acute care, the stories of her loved ones, and the individuals she has met throughout her life’s journey. Kathleen Tellish is a published author and a holder of both US and International Design Patents for her innovative work in voice technology. Kathleen Tellish published a book named Guarding My Heart.

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